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Flat roofs: leak detection and insulation values

Real Estate owners, as well as roofing contractors and manufacturers, naturally do not want leaks and damage during the guarantee period. Yet differences in temperature and humidity can lead to surprises after only a few years. Inscio helps customers prevent roof problems with near real-time sensor data. 

Due to the trend that roofs are increasingly used as living areas (roof gardens) and for the collection and drainage of rainwater (interest-bearing roofs), condition monitoring is becoming more important. Inscio's 'smart roof solution' is suitable for flat insulated roofs, because all the measuring sensors are placed in the insulation package. They consume very little energy, which means that all the sensors can collect and transmit data for more than ten to fifteen years without any maintenance.


Pitched roofs: insight into soiling and gutter blockage

Our gutter sensor measures the water level and degree of pollution in gutters and indicates (preventively) when a gutter needs to be cleaned, in order to prevent leakages and consequential damage. They can also be used to monitor difficult-to-reach gutters and problem cases.

Predictive maintenance through AI

Sensors offer many immediate advantages for owners, roofers and manufacturers alike:

Remote monitoring of roof quality

Insight into roofs that are inaccessible or difficult to access

Prevention of consequential damage through timely action

More efficient maintenance, only when it is really necessary

In addition, all data will be used to enhance our new algorithms, which enable predictive maintenance around roof and gutter. Data-driven maintenance will be connected to daily practice.


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