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Property management and condition measurement

Real Estate owners often carry out condition measurements to determine the state of the elements that require maintenance. In a cycle, everything is visually inspected.  

This inspection process is time-consuming, labour-intensive and only to a limited extent objective. An inspector goes on site to assess the status and records observations. But did the inspector observe everything? Has the right conclusion been drawn? Was the site visited? Was the inspection not too late in the cycle, so that the degradation of the element already leads to greater risks or costs?  

Measurement of paint thickness and determination of degradation

Of the total maintenance burden of real estate owners with large portfolios, around 90% consists of painting, roof maintenance and maintenance of rainwater drains. Paintwork in particular weighs heavily on the budget because the cycle is relatively short and the cost of intervention high.

Under normal circumstances, paintwork slowly ages and shows a certain number of defects at a certain age. The UV permeability of the paintwork will decrease and that is exactly what our sensors measure. This change is used as an indicator of the wear of the paint used and therefore the degradation can be determined at a distance.


Remote condition monitoring of facades

Inscio provides a cloud-based solution for data acquisition with IoT sensors and a LoRaWan. These are also used in office and residential facades to measure humidity, temperature and insulation values. 

IoT sensors communicate various measured values every hour or other time interval via a LoRaWAN. This combination consumes very little energy, allowing the system to transmit measured values for years without maintenance, as an alternative to expensive on-site inspections.  

This sends the measurements to an app with dashboards and graphs, related to the locations of all sensors. Simple and accessible to use on a subscription basis.

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