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IoT sensor applications for infrastructure

Inscio specialises in real-time measurement with sensors, data communication and analyses for data-driven insights and decisions. We apply this knowledge and years of experience for a number of standard applications, as well as customised solutions for the construction, civil engineering, industry and logistics sectors. Below are the applications to which our IoT sensors with 'Data-as-a-Service' can add significant value.   

Bridges, locks, tunnels and roads

If a bridge, lock, tunnel or (waterway) road has to be closed for unplanned maintenance, or repairing damage, the economic consequences are always significant. These undesirable situations can be prevented by using IoT sensors and "Data-as-a-Service" to monitor condition and operating conditions in near real-time. Detecting or preventing the occurrence of leaks and cracks quickly is much cheaper than repairing and compensating for the consequences. 

Similarly, saturation with water or even breach of a dike and ground shear can also be prevented. Inscio provides customized solutions that allow critical GWW assets to be monitored in real time and therefore repaired or reinforced in a timely manner.   

Sensor development for customised insights

Sensors can add value in any market with real-time data and insights based on it throughout the life of valuable assets. Only how do you choose the best sensors and communication method for your application? 

That is precisely Inscio's distinctive specialization. We like to be challenged with complex business issues, headaches about the best solution and custom sensor development for IoT applications. We then demonstrate the benefits of such a custom solution in practice with a proof-of-concept application and its further development into "data-as-a-service.

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