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IoT sensors provide smart assets

Inscio provides a cloud-based solution for data acquisition with IoT sensors and a LoRaWan. It is mainly used in the insulating roofs of commercial buildings, offices and residential complexes to measure humidity, temperature and insulation values. 

IoT sensors communicate various measured values every hour or other time interval via a LoRaWAN. This combination consumes very little energy, allowing the system to transmit measured values for years without maintenance, as an alternative to expensive on-site inspections. 

Inscio leverages KPN's reliable and flexibly scalable LoRA infrastructure. This transmits measurements to an app with dashboards and graphs, related to the locations of all sensors. Easy and accessible to use on a subscription basis.

Data-as-a-Service' for remote condition monitoring

Inscio provides 'Data-as-a-Service' on a subscription basis for the remote monitoring of the current condition and operation of valuable assets in the outdoor area, such as roofs, facades and artworks.  

Measured values such as movement, temperature, humidity and insulation values are visualised in relation to the sensor locations in a clear management dashboard, online and in an app. 

Customers only pay a subscription fee for the data delivered, without having to invest in the implementation and maintenance of the associated measuring and reporting solution.

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