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A bit nerdy

We have a background in IT and motorsports, and you can see that everywhere. Unlike competitors, we are driven by opportunities, not risk mitigation. Although, of course, that is also the ultimate effect.

The lines are short and the culture is a tad nerdy, but entrepreneurial. We're busy building a fun company and trying to have as much fun with it as possible. We try to make the world a little more insightful and therefore better every day. 

We are located in an old farmhouse in IJsselstein, near Utrecht and in the middle of the country. We come there to exchange ideas and come up with cool new things.

A tech start-up!

Inscio instruments the outer shell of real estate with IoT sensors. This enables us to monitor the condition of buildings better than with periodic inspections and also manage them more cost-effectively. Other parties in construction and real estate use that measurement data as the basis for a service contract, or the active prevention of leaks and damage.

Inscio is a true Tech start-up, we do things differently! We use hardware and software to solve puzzles and provide insight, in places where there was never insight. We have a very clear picture of where we are going, but we sometimes adjust the route there based on what we experience. That's not called Agile or Scrum, but logical thinking.

Office dog
More information?

Interested in a job opening? Or is the job you're looking for not listed, but would still like to consult? 

Then contact co-founder Jeroen van de Laar at or 06-53587986!



Het Klaphek 5, 3401 RZ Ijsselstein


Yes, please!

Ernest +31 (0)6 29 08 55 52
Jeroen +31 (0)6 53 58 79 86