Van Wylick creates smart roofs

Van Wylick has been supplying insulating roofs and floors for over 30 years. Since last year, the Isomix® Roof System has been expanded with sensors from Inscio, which automatically monitor the condition of a roof remotely, in order to prevent leaks and consequential damage. Director Laurens van Wylick explains why and how his company creates smart roofs.

Smart roofs: Preventing leaks and damage

Van Wylick Insulating Roofs B.V. in Heeswijk-Dinther makes the construction of roofs easier with the Isomix® Roof System. This system consists of insulation boards of variable thickness, filled and finished with insulating, pressure-resistant and water-repellent mortar. "We have been a distinctive supplier of insulating roofs for decades," says Van Wylick. "Because concrete mortar contains water, after decades we still have to explain where that moisture stays and how our roofs behave in practice. By fitting Isomix® roofs with sensors at the bottom, middle and top of the insulation package, we can provide almost real-time insight into the temperature and humidity of a flat roof. The most important benefit for clients and roofers is the ability to prevent leaks and damage."

Smart roofs for building managers and roofers

"The solution developed with Inscio for remote monitoring with 'Data-as-a-Service' delivers smart roofs," van Wylick summarises. "This innovation fits in seamlessly with the overarching trend towards smart cities. As roofs are used more intensively as living space (roof gardens) and the collection and gradual drainage of rainwater (retention roofs), it becomes more important to monitor their condition. Roofers can use the solution as part of their service contract, while building managers can plan the required long-term maintenance more objectively with the measurement data. We are working with Inscio because of its innovative measurement solution and the fact that it has a lot of knowledge and experience in the building and civil engineering sectors, as well as in real-time data collection and acquisition."

"Until last year we informed clients and partners based on practical experience, now we provide objective measurement data."

Remote condition monitoring with 'data-as-a-service'

Clients, managers and contractors want more insight into the condition and lifespan of building components for warranty and maintenance obligations. Periodic inspections are currently carried out for this purpose. Van Wylick uses the Inscio sensors to enable remote condition monitoring, as an alternative to the costly and person-dependent on-site inspections. "Until last autumn, we informed clients and partners about expected roof behaviour based on practical experience," Van Wylick continues. "Now we can provide objective measurement data at intervals of tens of minutes or an hour that shows exactly how a constructed roof dries and behaves in changing weather conditions. In cooperation with Inscio, we add 'Data-as-a-Service', without our customers having to invest in the necessary sensors."

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