IoT sensors and data in real estate and infrastructure

Do you want more insight into and grip on the condition of assets? And follow the behaviour of roofs, foundations, facades, paintwork and other valuable assets in real time? With the aim of preventing leaks and consequential damage and organising the necessary long-term maintenance more efficiently. 

This is easy to achieve with Inscio's IoT sensors and data in real estate and infrastructure and 'Data-as-a-Service'. We make complex issues transparent with real-time measurement, analysis and adjustment. IoT and data for real estate and infrastructure! Read more about Inscio, our patented technology, benefits and solutions

Roofs and gutters

Preventing leaks and damage


Inspecting paintwork from behind your desk


Actively control humidity and air quality


Do you have a problem? We develop a sensor


Data-driven asset management

We distinguish many different valuable assets: homes, office buildings, production sites, logistics centres, factories, infrastructure, engineering structures such as bridges and viaducts, but also pipelines in the petrochemical industry, dykes and quay walls.  

The common denominator is that the owner, user or manager wants to have insight into the performance of those assets at all times, wants to take targeted action in case of problems and wants to carry out effective maintenance so that the risks of problems and additional consequential damage are minimal. That is what we do. Inscio - Outside Insights  


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