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Innovative IoT sensors


Greater understanding of the condition, behavior and life of valuable assets. Decision-making based on actual data, rather than assumptions and models. Cost savings through automated data acquisition, analysis and reporting.


Measurement values such as motion, temperature, humidity and insulation values are visualized related to the sensor locations in a clear management dashboard, online and in an app. 


The Inscio Sensors are waterproof and have a battery that will last up to 15 years through smart use.


Our sensors have CE certification, the technology is proven, and the software is SOC 2 certified. 

Inscio sensors follow the latest laws and regulations, so we are already ready for Firmware over the Air.

Connectivity we do with KPN; robust and very secure. 


The sensors send data to KPN's LoRaWan, which provides secure data processing. All wirelessly, without cables and without internet on site. 

Understanding the roof

Also smarter, more sustainable, better?

Innovative sensors & software

Inscio provides a software suite, completely web-based so can be used anywhere, to look at the condition of elements in real time. Does that mean someone always has to log in to look at the problems? No! We have smart signaling based on algorithms, automatically Inscio users are informed about possible anomalies and risks.  

Property owners, as well as building partners and manufacturers, naturally do not want leaks and damage during the warranty period. Yet differences in temperature and humidity can lead to surprises after only a few years. Inscio ensures that you can intervene exactly in time, not too early and not too late, through virtually real-time sensor data and signaling on deviations and problems.

Property owners perform condition inspections to determine the condition of maintenance-sensitive elements. This inspection process is time-consuming, labor-intensive and only marginally objective. 

Inscio sensors provide objective readings, i.e. an actual picture at a distance. There is no, or much less, need to inspect and therefore delivers a huge reduction in movements and thus emissions. 

We see from the data whether moisture is accumulating, whether the temperature is abnormal or illogical, but above all whether risks are occurring. Based on that data, we alert our customers before damage occurs. We enable our customers to intervene before things go wrong.  

Our customers tell

 "Until last fall, we informed clients and partners about expected roof behavior based on practical experience. Now we provide objective measurement data."

Laurens van Wylick - Isomix insulating mortars

"The data we collect and analyze with Inscio Roofs' sensors helps us get all stakeholders to look at construction in a more sustainable way. But also better calculate the life-cycle costs of alternative roof structures for clients and consultants."

Eduard Beekhuizen - Babylon roofs

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"We think that can and should be done differently."

Imagine this: you bring a car to the garage for maintenance. The mechanic stares worriedly at the shiny paint, runs his hands over the surface and takes some pictures of it. Then he walks back excitedly and concludes that the engine is broken and needs to be replaced.  

That sounds absurd, doesn't it? And yet that's pretty much what happens during real estate inspections. We think it can and should be done differently.